Create your lifelong learning curriculum.

Explore your potential by developing a learning habit.

It's possible to discover new interests and strengths at any point in your life.

And it's always satisfying to level up at something you already enjoy.

The habit of consistent learning and knowledge growth can be one of the most rewarding to develop.

Once you know how to learn efficiently, it may only require a few hours per week to make significant progress on even the most ambitious goals.

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Create a Study Plan

Consistently reach your learning goals by mapping a clear path.

Curriculum allows you to map out a study plan so you can focus on the most important topics and resources, making efficient use of your available time.

Track the time you spend studying to see useful & motivating study metrics. Discover the best study routine that fits into your life.

Quickly save new resources to your track using Curriculum's handy browser extension.

Join the community to see what other people with similar interests have been learning about recently.

Create a Study Plan