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Everyone who excels in their career is learning constantly and deliberately.

When you've got limited study time around work and a busy life, you need to be organised and plan ahead.

Curriculum allows you to map out a study plan so you can focus on the most important topics and resources.

You can display your progress on a public profile page if you want to share it with others. (View an example profile here.)

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What you focus on grows, so measure what matters most

Track the time you spend studying to see useful & motivating study metrics.

Over time, 10 minutes reading an article while waiting in line, or 20 minutes listening to an audiobook during a commute, adds up to a lot of new knowledge per year.

You may already be spending hours per week studying without recording it, or without having a clear plan that corresponds to your career & life goals.

Now is the best time to start making deliberate decisions about which resources to cover next.

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    Louise Swift spent 4 hours and 17 minutes studying Calculus I Practice Problems. about 17 hours ago
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    Louise Swift spent 2 hours and 5 minutes studying The Linux Foundation: Linux for Developers. 1 day ago
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    Louise Swift added RubyKaigi 2019: The Year of Concurrency / Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto to their track. 1 day ago

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